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Handmade work is priceless. A machine cannot do the work also painstakingly, thoughtfully and creative like a human being. For several years The Hospitality Management Company specializes in this activity and became an expert in this field.

Within the framework of this service we offer your hotel to connect to the system of one-time channel management (channel manager). Channel Manager is an automatic control system that allows you to update prices simultaneously and monitor the sales of rooms in all connected hotel electronic channels. The main advantage of working with a channel manager is to increase the efficiency of your hotel sales by using more electronic channels that can be managed quickly. Channel Manager will also provide you a possibility to receive statistical reports on reservations. But what channel manager should be chosen?

Among the nearly 30 connected channels are such important service providers as:, Expedia, HRS, Agoda,, Ostrovok and other large and efficient market players.

Channels of sales are the "face" of your hotel in the Internet and the level of your sales depends on their competent adjustment. According to statistics guests who have done the booking through EDS, are one of the most expensive segments.

Download the commercial offer for the service Promotion in EDS and SMM.

The service of management of electronic sales channels/online sales channels from The Hospitality Management Company considers the following types of work:

  • Loading the necessary tariffs into electronic sales channels on permanent basis;
  • Keeping “chess” with up-to-date information on closed tariffs / dates;
  • Regular updating of information / photos of your hotel in electronic sales channels;
  • Audit your hotel’ website;
  • Information support on issues related to the technical features of extranets;
  • Training your specialists to work in extranets after the contract expiration.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be glad to answer them.

Work plan

1. Information loading about the hotel (based on the texts provided by the hotel, photos);

2. Prices and black out dates loading based on data provided by the hotel.

  • Managing electronic sales channels: loading and tariffs, opening and closing dates;
  • Conducting weekly consultations on revenue management;
  • Maintenance of up-to-date information on electronic sales channels (photos, description, services, special offers);
  • Analysis of competitors and timely recommendation for price changes
  • Segment adjustment
  • Reviews analysis and work with them

3. Creation of an account in social networks (promotion, advertising, updating)

The price of this service is from 35 000 roubles per month (VAT exempt/ VAT free)

The bonus part is the following:

  • 3% of the revenue delta of accounting and base periods of all electronic sales channels, except your own website.
  • 6% of the revenue delta of the accounting and base periods, obtained through promotion in social networks.