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The Hospitality Management Company offers professional development, both linear staff of hotels and restaurants, as well as middle and senior managers of hotels, restaurants and beauty industry stuff, as well as for all those who would like to acquire new knowledge and skills and increase their value in the labor market.

Open seminars and trainings- a simple and financially profitable way to solve the problem of employees training of your hotel or restaurant. Trainings are held in the office of The Hospitality Management Company in the centre of St. Petersburg - no more than 15-20 participants are invited for training.

If you are interested in corporate trainings for hotel or restaurant, as in the development of training programs in accordance with your goals and wishes, you can find an indicative list of corporate training subjects on our website or make a request for an individual preparation of particular training program.

Hotel consulting provided by our specialists will be interesting for those who need an individual solution of any issue.

Upon completion of the training, participants get a certificate, information about course completion is stored in the relevant Hospitality Management database.

The final confirmation of registration and participation occurs after 100% payment.

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