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Service standards Development

Today Service quality is one of the most important factors in the success of a service enterprise, be it a hotel or a restaurant.

The quality of service should not be only high, but also should be stable.

The stability of the service quality guarantees the guest the same level of service, regardless of which employee is providing the service. For this purpose, the development of service corporate standards is needed.

The second reason of corporate service standards development is a necessity of "corporate style", as an advantage among competitors.

The main objectives of guest service standards are the following:

  • Unify the stuff actions in the service process
  • Implement the elements of your individual style into the service process
  • Make working procedures for employees as clear as possible
  • Create a basis for a transparent and objective employee performance assessment

The development of standards should be approached seriously. It is part of corporate culture, marketing and HR activities, the indicator of company’s uniqueness. Correctly developed service standards allow to increase sales and customer loyalty, raise the image. In this case, it is better to consult specialists. The Hospitality Management Company will develop for you individual corporate service standards and assist you to integrate them into the work flow.

Within the framework of program "Corporate Service Standards" we propose:

  • Determination of elements of corporate service style
  • Development of corporate service standards
  • Training and implementation of corporate service standards
  • Development of check lists for service standards monitoring