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AHLEI materials and certification

The Educational Institute of the American Hotel Association (AHLEI) is the world leader in the field of hospitality management and hotel management certification. AHLEI offers online courses, digital educational material or familiar textbooks - a variety of materials to increase the interest to hospitality sphere and exciting learning.

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The American Hotel Association was founded in 1953 to provide the hospitality industry with highly qualified specialists and today AHLEI continues to meet the needs of hospitality with innovative solutions in the field of education, providing not only training but also professional certification and educational resources for secondary and higher educational institutions, training centers and specialists.

The Institute develops books and courses that are used in more than 1,200 colleges and institutes around the world, and also provides distance learning in individual subjects. The hotels around the world trust the institute's courses, as they affect all aspects of the hotel business. Practical videos, CD-ROMs, seminars and manuals help to prepare employees of any level. The Institute also certifies the best employees. The Hospitality Management Company is the official representative of the Educational Institute of the American Hotel Association (AHLEI) in Russia.


The Educational Institute of the American Hotel Association strongly supports and encourages the certification of professionals in hospitality industry and all its areas:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • SPA salons
  • Training Centers
  • Education institutions
  • Suppliers

AHLEI is the recognized leader in certification for hospitality professionals - in order to become a certified specialist, you must be well-educated and have a good working experience in hotel. AHLEI carries out the certification all year round online or by means of a traditional paper test.

The information about the schedule of exams as well as the list of Institute’s graduates is available on the website

Training materials

As the official representative of AHLEI in Russia, The Hospitality Management Company takes orders for the following AHLEI training materials:

  • Books
  • E-books
  • Online trainings
  • Educational videos
  • A brief description of the products and prices can be found at

Education in Hospitality Industry

CourseLine® is an individually tailored set of teaching materials according to your requirements that is not inferior in quality to the educational materials used by educational institutions for their students in full-time courses of higher educational institutions. The CourseLine® set is convenient, affordable and consists of materials from various knowledge fields. The training materials are organized in the form of a set of key competences in each thematic area, combining the basic terms, web links, case studies, exhibitions, interactive events and tests that help to systematize the material in each area of knowledge.

CyberCinema® provides access to the AHLEI video library, comprising the knowledge of various hospitality industry areas. AHLEI video will be useful for new hospitality industry employees and also for professionals who are aimed to improve their classification.

After registration the users get the access to CyberCinema® 7 days in a week for 24 hours every day. The user can make a pause and watch the video at any convenient time.

AHLEI offers a flexible pricing policy for CyberCinema®, depending on the number of videos to be watched. CyberCinema® is designed for group viewing and cannot be purchased by individuals.

Distance learning from AHLEI consists of more than 30 courses in hotel management: you can choose classic paper reading or participate in online course.

Guest Service Gold® is a comprehensive program aimed at improving the staff efficiency, training service-oriented line-level employees who know how to interact with guests in a way to provide the hotel with grateful customers. The main components include training, staff certification and property certification, which B2B companies can use as a product for sale.

The program can also be used in an academic environment to provide students with a basic knowledge in customer service skills.

The "Hospitality Management" program is designed specifically for training organizations and has already received recognition and appreciation from practicing hospitality professionals.

The tourism industry involves the creation of a significant number of jobs, the occupation of which is guaranteed by a career in a long perspective. Tourism has been long recognized as a major factor of economic growth and development of any country. That is why the cultivation of professional staff is a priority.

The program "Hospitality Management" is based on a set of books and practice books favourably endowed graphic and text content based on real experience; some of the tasks will be sent online.

The program manager will have access to the personal account on the program website, where he will be able to monitor the progress of his students.

At the end of the course each student will receive a certificate of the program "Hospitality Management".

More information you can find on the website -