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  • Trainings in various areas of the hotel business, hotel and restaurant staff in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia
Corporate training
  • Being one of the experienced and professional specialists in the field of hotel and restaurant business, The Hospitality Management Company offers not only standard training programs and open trainings, but also tailor made trainings developed specifically for your hotel or restaurant, taking into account specific tasks, goals and objectives of your company.
AHLEI materials and certification
  • American hotel and lodging education institute (AHLEI) is the world leader in the field of hospitality management and hotel management certification. AHLEI offers online courses, digital educational material or familiar textbooks - a variety of materials to increase the interest to hospitality sphere and exciting learning.
Service standards Development
  • Service quality is one of the most important factors leading to the success of service’s enterprise (hotel or restaurant)
Hotel Manager Training
  • Express-course provides an opportunity to get an idea of hotel manager's daily work, but also gives the information about strategic planning of the hotel's functioning. Detailed questions are considered to be discussed during additional private consultations.