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General conditions of staff recruitment

The Hospitality Management Company is one of the leading companies in hospitality industry and offers a range of service on professional recruitment for hotel or restaurant.

Our team - the experts with many years of experience and knowledge of this industry.

Our company provides professional support in the search and selection of staff for hotels and restaurants both at the base level and at the middle and top level.

The level and complexity of the position determine the selection time period:

The staff search for typical positions of base and middle level takes from 2 to 4 weeks;

The selection of mid-level candidates takes from 2 to 6 weeks.

The search for a senior manager or hotel manager, restaurant manager takes from 2 to 8 weeks.

We always discuss all the details and provide approximate terms and conditions before starting the selection of candidates.

The payment for this service depends on the level of position and salary for a successful candidate:

- The cost is 23% of the annual income of a candidate for top level manager

- The cost is 21% of the annual income of a candidate for mid-level staff for a hotel or restaurant

The selection of candidates at the basic level is 15% of the annual income of a hired candidate.

The final cost and payment procedure as well as remuneration will be specified with the consultant of our company on the basis of a detailed position during individual meeting.


The Hospitality Management Company provides you guarantees in case of claims to the candidate during the probation period and also if the candidate leaves the company on his own initiative. In this case the replacement of the candidate will be done without extra payment. We will be happy to answer additional questions at any time.

Our clients

Solo Sokos Hotels, hotel Ambassador, hotel Saint Petersburg, hotel Oktyabrskaya, hotel Radisson SAS Sonya, M`ISTRA`L hotel and SPA, «Domina Prestige Saint-Petersburg», hotel Okhtinskaya, Azimut hotel group.