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Strategic brand promotion

To choose the right format and to enter the market is well not enough for restaurant’s success. It is necessary to promote restaurant or and do a branding, i.e. make a brand name from the restaurant’s (recognizable name). This will allow you to avoid stagnation, and, as a result, a sharp decrease in results. The restaurant market is quite dynamic. Without promotion the restaurant can become an "old product" and loose the consumer’s interest very quickly. The goal of promotion is to stimulate demand, as well as create a better restaurant’s image. This special activity is aimed at formation and stimulation of a hidden interest in the services provided by the restaurant.

Which way of promotion is right for your restaurant will depend on a wide variety of factors: type of cuisine, price policy, design style of trading halls, level of service quality and some other factors.

The Hospitality Management Company can develop an individual package for restaurant promotion, as well as can take this area of business in its management.

Within the framework of the program "Strategic promotion" we propose:

  • Development of an individual package of restaurant promotion
  • Restaurant promotion management