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Restaurant Rebranding is the marketing strategy of the restaurant aimed at forming a new image of the company by changing its visual identity (name, restaurant logo), as well as internal processes, menus, employees, values, internal marketing, etc.

Decision-making about restaurant rebranding should usually be done after a carefully conducted brand audit of your company.

Reasons for rebranding:

  • Moral obsolescence of the concept

Each brand must evolve if it wants to meet the expectations of the next generation of guests and maintain its leadership.

  • The concept does not match the existing requirements

Often the restaurant begins to stall because of initial miscalculations and one must have the courage to admit that the experiment failed, review the strategy and move on

  • Force Majeure Circumstances

For example, when a restaurant is required to change the name as a result of a court decision.

If the rebranding was conducted competently and professionally, the restaurant should receive:

  • Additional profit from the work of enterprise
  • Increase of the number of visitors, both regular and occasional
  • Increase of the restaurant popularity
  • Increase of enterprise’s competitiveness
  • Increase of customer’s loyalty level
  • Increase of value’s brand

Within the framework of the Rebranding program we propose:

  • Audit of the company brand, identification of weaknesses
  • Development of a new restaurant concept
  • Implementation of a new concept
  • Check list based on the results of the first 6 working months