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Strategic brand promotion
  • Just to choose the right hotel formant and enter the market is absolutely not enough for successful restaurant functioning. It is also necessary to work under promotion or branding, to make the restaurant’s name recognizable.
  • There are the whole list of reasons why Rebranding should be necessary. Among such reasons are miscalculations, an outdated concept. Rebranding is aimed at shaping the restaurant’s image. Our company also provides rebranding services.
Revenue management
from 45 000 RUR per month
  • The Hospitality Management Company specialists conduct weekly meetings with sales departments and give recommendations on how to build an effective pricing policy in revenue management and e-commerce.
  • Modern interface channel manager allows to monitor all connected hotel electronic sales channels. Choosing a channel manager suppliers from The Hospitality Management, you get all the data in one service.
SMM Outsourcing
  • Nowadays is important to realize the huge and important role of Internet especially in modern business, where everything depends on technological progress. It takes just some seconds to transfer the information from person to person. No doubt it is very pleasant when this information positively affects the image of your company.