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Website development

It is not a secret that Website is face and business card of any organization. In the age of high technology and the all-pervasive Internet the acquaintance with a particular organization and enterprise begins with a website. Usually our first impressions and sensations about organization are formed though acquaintance with organisation website. As you know the first impressions are the strongest and most stable one.

Among our clients are a lot of commercial organizations. This aspect accordingly determines the commercial orientation of their websites. A commercial website settled the following tasks:

  • Attraction of new customers and partners;
  • Support for existing customers and partners;
  • Marketing

In this connection it becomes evident that the indicator of the commercial efficiency of the organization largely depends on the quality of website development. Such key aspects as website design, navigation convenience, colour solutions, multimedia and text information can both attract and repel your potential customers.

The Hospitality Management Company has a rich experience in website development of websites in for providing services to HORECA and beauty industry. We do this "turnkey" and for you it means a complete development cycle.

Within the framework of the "Website Development" program we propose:

  • Website design
  • Creation of website design concept
  • Creation of page layouts
  • Making up of templates and pages
  • Programming
  • Publication of materials (content)
  • testing and making adjustments
  • Project opening on a public platform

The Hospitality Management Company can provide website maintenance or take of software basis of running website (as an additional service) upon your request.