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Website Content Development

Do you doubt that the website content is so important?

What is the basis for a successful hotel business? Of course, the impression that your guests leave. The first impression is not playing the last role. However, contrary to popular belief, first impression of your hotel will be not created by guests during the first visit, but much earlier - when they get acquainted with the information on your website. Are you sure that the content of your website allows guests to fully familiarize themselves with all the advantages of staying at your hotel? Will your potential guest understand how varied and qualitative the services you provide, how friendly the staff is and how unforgettable experience you can offer him?

Perhaps incomplete or incompetent information will cost you many guests who refuse the opportunity to come to your hotel and personally experience all opportunities that you can provide them.

You agree that the content is necessary, but where do you get it?

Unfortunately, most content authors often take orders from completely different areas, not having sufficient knowledge in any of them. Using common phrases, it is possible to write content for almost any area, but can a guest get really valuable information that will let him know what makes your hotel different from another one? Will general phrases make a choice in your favour? This possibility is extremely small. That's why really valuable content can be created not only by copywriting professionals, but also by experts in this field.

What differs The Hospitality Management Company from others?

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in various areas of the hotel industry. We know how to present the services that you can offer in a best way, and what the guest wants to see when looking for a hotel. In addition, we pay great attention not only to the text quality and content, but also the form. The texts written by our specialists has not only informative content, but also do not need correction and editing.

What else can we offer?

In the range of services provided to the hotel industry by our company, you can also find website promotion services. Writing texts we can immediately take into account the keywords and other points that will have a positive impact on the further website promotion.

If you do not have the website yet, then we will be happy to design and create it. You do not have to coordinate the actions of different contractors and take care that the commons vision of all the contactors working under website coincides. Having entrusted us the care of your website completely, you will forget to think about this problem.

We always use an individual approach and discuss all your desires and needs before we get started. We understand that the website is a large part of the hotel image and how important it is to approach all issues related to it competently.

Our services:

  1. Copywriting / filling the website with unique content from 10 000 roubles
  2. Regular updating of website content from 3000 roubles per month
  3. Editing of current content from 4500 roubles
  4. Website development + copywriting from 20 000 roubles
  5. Copywriting + SEO from 30 000 rroubles
  6. Website development + content management+ SEO from 40 000 roubles