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Hotel IT-support

The modern hotel is a complex multifunctional organism, consisting of various high-tech systems, services and platforms. Competitive environment requires a constant development of the current technological base, introduction of new attractive services for guests, constant monitoring of all facility IT systems efficiency. This is a very non-trivial task, requiring significant time and financial costs, high competence from the hotel staff and the system administrator.

Having a rich experience in the hospitality industry, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive IT support service for your hotel. In case you order this service in our company, you get the following advantages:

  • You do not need to worry about software and hardware support of the hotel systems. We will undertake this task
  • In this case you will get the opportunity to release certain time and financial resources
  • The current status of the status of each attended IT subsystem
  • Monthly aggregative invoice for provided service

The quantity of IT support (full or partial) and the service cost are discussed with each client individually.



A) Servers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Design of server infrastructure
  • Recommendations for the equipment purchase
  • Installation and configuration of equipment for the required tasks
  • Performance monitoring
  • Solving of the current issues
  • Interaction with equipment suppliers, including warranty repairs

B) Network equipment (Routers / switches: Cisco, HP, Wi-Fi: Cisco, Motorola, Ubiquity, Aruba)

  • Design of network infrastructure - wired (LAN) and Wi-Fi
  • Recommendations for the equipment purchase
  • Installation and configuration of network equipment
  • Performance monitoring
  • Solving of the current issues
  • Interaction with equipment suppliers, including warranty repairs

C) Hotel systems (Opera, Micros, Materials Control, etc.)

  • Organization of hotel systems installation and adjustment
  • Interaction with the hotel systems technical support
  • Solving of current problems, including the involvement of hotel systems technical support

D) Fiscal systems, PIN Pad

  • Performance monitoring
  • Solving problems of functioning, including the involvement of technical support

E) MS Windows-Infrastructure

  • Configure the Active Directory based on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and others;
  • Managing users and other Active Directory resources;
  • Managing Active Directory services;
  • Differentiation of access to resources (network folders, printers);
  • Monitoring the Active Directory efficiency;
  • Solving problems of Active Directory functioning;
  • Setting up a mail server based on MS Exchange;
  • Managing mailboxes, distribution groups;
  • Monitoring of MS Exchange efficiency;
  • Solving problems of MS Exchange functioning;

F) Linux infrastructure (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat)

  • Monitoring the efficiency of servers based on Linux;
  • Solving the problems of functioning

G) Accounting systems - 1С, VLSI ++, bank-client

  • monitoring of efficiency
  • Solving problems of functioning, incl. the involvement of technical support

H) Antivirus systems

  • Installation and configuration
  • monitoring of efficiency
  • Solving the problems of functioning

I) Backup systems - Symantec BackupExec, Yosemite Backup

  • Recommendation for procurement
  • Reservation plan Development
  • Installation and configuration of backup systems
  • Performance monitoring
  • Scheduled training for redundant data recovering


  • Installation and configuration of workstations
  • Transfer of user profiles
  • Users consultations and solving current issues
  • Configuring access to corporate mail from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Printers, scanners, MFPs connection
  • Diagnosing problems with printing equipment and interacting with a company that maintains printing equipment.


  • Telephone infrastructure Planning - wired and DECT
  • Interaction with a company that manages telephony on the issues of setting up automatic telephone exchanges
  • Installation and configuration of telephone sets in hotel rooms and offices


  • Monitoring of system’s efficiency
  • Solving problems issues with the functioning

Here you can see only a part of the tasks solved by our specialists. We also carry out other work necessary for the facility operation.


First of all, it is necessary to understand that the goal of IT services outsourcing is to reduce costs while maintaining the level of service, and the second - to increase the level of service.

As a result, you will have an optimized, well-functioning and fault-tolerant system that works with maximum efficiency, as well as constant technical or informational support in case of unforeseen situations. Therefore IT outsourcing is a natural process of business processes optimization of a modern enterprise.