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Operational Audit

Download the commercial offer for Operational Audit. Audit of operational activities.

Audit of operational activities of one hotel department is carried out within one month. At the end the customer receives a detailed report, formed according to the following indicators:

  • Resume of department
  • Staff Schedule
  • Feedback from guests
  • Control, reports and paperwork
  • Department’s specifics
  • Evaluation of the Hospitality Management Company standards checklist
  • Checklist
  • Analysis of the obtained data, conclusion, recommendations

The cost of the audit of one department is from 50,000 roubles.

According to the agreement with the customer, the following services can also be included in the audit for an extra cost:

  • Action plan development
  • "Mystery shopper"
  • Re-evaluation by checklist in 3-6-9 months
  • The cost of a complex audit of one department is from 125,000 roubles.

Audit can be conducted in the following operating departments of the hotel:

  • General services department
  • Technical service
  • Reception service

The cost, structure of work and time spent for audit can vary depending on the number of hotel rooms and the complexity of its infrastructure.

Audit procedure

  • An independent visit by an auditor – the assessment from outside,
  • Interview with the head of the department and the hotel manager,
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the line staff performance,
  • Evaluation of the checklist,
  • Summary of information, conclusions, recommendations.