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Complete audit

If you mention that the performance of your hotel or restaurant start to deteriorate, it means that you have neglected an important management tool - audit. As a rule, problems that lead to poor indicators are arising within business processes or staff team long before it affects the work of the enterprise as a whole. To avoid this, from time to time it is necessary to carry out selective monitoring of the main processes in the restaurant operation. It is better, when an independent organization does this, because doing audit by themselves, the staff members usually tend to minimize problems or level some of them completely.

A full audit of the enterprise’s work is necessary in the case the owner or senior manager is not satisfied with the results and sees the necessity of applying anti-crisis management, which starts with a complete audit. The Hospitality Management Company has an extensive experience in auditing. An expert evaluation as well as a list of recommendations on negative indicators are provided upon audit completion.

Within the framework of the "Full audit" program we propose:

  • Enterprise competitiveness audit
  • Audit of the business processes effectiveness
  • Audit of Staff Performance
  • Audit of management accounts
  • Preparation of a conclusion based on the audit results
  • Development of recommendations.