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Audit of management accounting

Management accounting tool allows the corporate leader, manager or owner to control the financial position of a restaurant, hotel or SPA in general and for certain key indicators (expenses on food, staff, housekeeping needs) in particular.

If you are not satisfied with the content and quality of the management reporting provided to you, or if you doubt the completeness and correctness of the provided information, audit management accounting is needed. The Hospitality Management Company will diagnose the correctness of real financial and economic activities of the restaurant or hotel in the existing management accounting system and, if necessary, develop recommendations for adjusting the management reporting system.

Within the framework of the program "Audit of management accounting" we propose:

  • Evaluation of the data collection system for financial reporting
  • Evaluation of the methodology used to represent the financial and business operations
  • Assessment of the formation principles of existing management accounting
  • Evaluation of the software products use.
  • Preparation of a conclusion on the management reporting reliability
  • Development of recommendations for adjusting of the management reporting system