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Audit of Business processes

The readiness and quality of customer service and the enterprise success as a whole depends on well-established business processes in a restaurant or hotel. Business processes exist both inside of departments and between departments. Each business process has an algorithm that must be a) described, b) optimal, and c) really operated. If the company did not standardize and describe business processes, then each participant can interpret the algorithm in its own way, and it can lead to failures. In another case, the management could approach the issue formally and it is rather difficult to describe the business processes algorithm, as a result it became impossible to realise them.

The Hospitality Management Company will help you to understand how business processes flow in your restaurant / hotel and how effective they are.

The evaluation of the business process occurs according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of the BP final result
  • Quality and content of intermediate results (for each procedure)
  • The content of performers' actions in the process execution
  • Compactness and coherence of BP scheme
  • Effectiveness of BP management

Within the framework of the Audit of Business Processes we propose:

  • Evaluation of the organizational structure effectiveness
  • Evaluation of information system flows
  • Evaluation of the interaction system between departments
  • Evaluation of the automation system
  • Evaluation of cash flow accounting, cash management
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of recruitment policy
  • Evaluation of the optimality of purchases
  • Evaluation of the goods and materials movement
  • Assessment of the regulation of the goods and materials movement
  • Evaluation of the goods and materials storage system
  • Evaluation of production process technology
  • Evaluation of food quality control in a restaurant
  • Evaluation of the organization of visitor services
  • Evaluation of a set of methods for sales promotion, promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Preparation of a conclusion on the business processes
  • Development of recommendations for adjusting the management reporting system