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Hospitality Management was carried out the first stage of the hotel audit by visiting the facility for inspection, an integrated assessment of hotel services performance, an analysis of the automated control systems effectiveness usage and the estimation of useful places coefficient

Project aim

Having purchased a complex of apartments in Bulgaria, the owner applied to The Hospitality Management Company for a technical and operational audit to redesign the object into a seasonal hotel.

The complexity of the work consisted of initially adapted infrastructure and the service component of the building for apart-hotel functioning. A number of apartments have already been purchased for individual use and a lot of work to change the general purpose of the building for tourist summer demand should be done.

  • operaltion audit of the hotel
  • executive search;
  • hotel website creation
  • Training session on Revenue Management EDS & SMM

The first stage of the Hospitality Management audit was carried out with a full site visit for site inspection, an integrated assessment of the work of all hotel services, an analysis of the effectiveness of the use of automated control systems, and an estimate of the coefficient of useful space.

As part of the search executive search service several candidates were presented by The Hospitality Management Company. One of potential candidates was finally approved by the owner and took an active part in completing the audit.

Given the short deadlines before the season’s opening, the hotel required the speedy implementation of standard operating procedures for the reception of the first tourists: The Hospitality Management specialists handed over a package of its own SOP developments to the new hotel manager. The hotel team of department heads had to implement these SOP developments independently.

The employees of The Hospitality Management Company organized and provided trainings on e-commerce and revenue management for the employees of Hotel Golden Line. Based on the conducted e-marketing audit, weak points were identified in electronic sales channels (EDS) and social networks (SM) of the hotel. To eliminate the weaknesses different measures were taken to bring all EDS and social networks to the same standards of Apart-hotel Golden Line. A number of new electronic sales channels were also installed. The installation of a channel manager was a serious step towards effective revenue management, and it helped the employees manage the prices and the number of rooms for sale quickly.

To monitor and manage the online reputation of the hotel a specialized online monitoring program was connected.

With the help of this system the effectiveness of working with reviews was repeatedly increased, as well as the publication of feedback from the Internet websites on the hotel's website.

Hospitality IT specialists assisted in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a result, a large number of direct bookings were done through the hotel site.

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